• Episode 22

    How Big Data Helps Trial Lawyers Get Better Results with John Campbell

  • Episode 21

    Never Stop Asking Questions with Mark Mandell

  • Episode 20

    A Life In the Arena with Nick Rowley

  • Episode 19

    The Principles Behind Winning Individual Case and Mass Tort Trials With Khaldoun Baghdadi

  • Episode 18

    Pioneering a Data-Driven Approach to Trial with Sean Claggett

  • Episode 17

    Mastering Cross Examination with Patricia Kuendig

  • Episode 16

    Using the Domino Theory to Win at Trial with Edward Capozzi

  • Episode 15

    Unpacking the Electronic Medical Record and Audit Trail with Saira Pasha

  • Episode 14

    The Power the Comes with Trusting the Jury with Michael Cowen

  • Episode 13

    Driven to Learn, Share and Grow with Rahul Ravipudi

  • Episode 12

    Mastering the Art of Trial Presentation with Dan Ambrose

  • Episode 11

    Use Authenticity and Technology to Win at Trial with Lloyd Bell

  • Episode 10

    From Trial Law to Facebook and Cryptocurrency with Paul Grewal

  • Episode 09

    Digital Marketing for Trial Lawyers with Seth Price

  • Episode 08

    Discovering the Trial Lawyer Within with Josh Koskoff

  • Episode 07

    Beyond the Reptile with Don Keenan

  • Episode 06

    Fearless Cross Examination with Pat Malone

  • Episode 05

    Picking a Winning Jury with Sonia Chopra

  • Episode 04

    Taking on Goliath with Bob Kelley

  • Episode 03

    Channeling your Inner Performing Artist with Karen Smolar

  • Episode 02

    Breaking Glass Ceilings and Verdict Records with Kalpana Srinivasan

  • Episode 01

    Success Starts from Within with Rick Friedman

  • Trailer

    Introductions and Expectations