Season 2 – Episode 6 ·

Back to Back Record Breaking Verdicts with Joe and Pat Cullan

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Trial law has been in the blood of Omaha-based trial lawyers, Pat and Joe Cullan, since they were growing up. They learned life lessons about how to be a trial lawyer from their father, legendary trial lawyer, Dan Cullan. Like their father, Pat and Joe are also doctors, who use their combined expertise in law and medicine to level the playing field on behalf of their clients. Now, Pat and Joe are legends in their own right, recently winning record-breaking verdicts in no-offer medical malpractice cases in some of the toughest venues in America.

What you will learn from this episode.

In this episode, Rahul and Ben explore how lessons learned early in life created a foundation for Pat and Joe's success and how their unique brotherly chemistry and approach to trying complex medical cases have yielded such extraordinary results.

Dr. Joseph Cullan

Photo of Dr. Joseph Cullan

Dr. Joseph (Joe) Cullan is both a trial lawyer and a medical doctor. He has nearly two decades of legal experience fighting for the injured and has taken part in medical internships in the U.S., Argentina, and Ireland. His considerable legal and medical experience give Dr. Cullan a definite edge in representing those who have suffered catastrophic injuries due to negligence and wrongdoing.

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Dr. Pat Cullan

Photo of Dr. Pat Cullan

A medical doctor and a seasoned trial lawyer, Dr. Patrick (Pat) Cullan has an impressive track record of representing those who have suffered catastrophic injuries due to another’s negligence or wrongdoing. In his first trial together with his father, Dr. Dan Cullan, he successfully fought for a $6.7 million verdict on behalf of a child who sustained terrible injuries in a swimming pool. Dr. Patrick Cullan and his brother Dr. Joe Cullan have been trying cases together for over ten years. They have repeatedly obtained ten figure record setting verdicts on behalf of their clients. Together they have single handedly recovered tens of millions of dollars for their clients, including record-breaking birth injury, truck accident, and wrongful death verdicts.

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