Season 2 – Episode 4 ·

Family, Faith and the Fight for Justice with Craig and Toni Schlapprizzi

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St. Louis, Missouri trial lawyers Craig and Toni Schlapprizzi learned what it means to be a trial lawyer from their successful trial lawyer father, Don Schlapprizzi. Now, both Craig and Toni are prominent trial lawyers in their own right who have won many large verdicts, and recently, achieved a record-setting $37 million settlement in a product liability case.

What you will learn from this episode.

Join Rahul and Ben for a discussion with Craig and Toni about how their family and faith shaped their career as trial lawyers and the keys to their incredible success.

Craig Schlapprizzi

Photo of Craig Schlapprizzi

Growing up, Craig Schlapprizzi always knew he wanted to be a lawyer; it was ingrained in him from an early age, but it wasn’t until he was in law school at Washington University that it clicked that he truly wanted to be a trial lawyer, and a good one at that. His favorite aspect of his job is the courtroom experience. He’s most passionate about representing everyday people in a courtroom in front of a jury because he believes it’s a privilege, an honor, an incredible experience, and, of course, a competition. He played football during his time at Dartmouth and was motivated by the competition and dedication involved. He experiences that same competition through his trial work.

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Toni Schlapprizzi

Photo of Toni Schlapprizzi

Antoinette (Toni) Schlapprizzi is a trial lawyer at Schlapprizzi Attorneys at Law, licensed in Missouri and Illinois. She believes that every human being has a unique dignity that must be honored and respected, and through her work as a trial attorney, she aggressively defends and protects this unique dignity each and every day. Battling for truth on behalf of those who have survived serious injury and the loss of a loved one is at the core of who Toni is.

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