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Having an Impact Beyond the Individual Case with Peter Perlman

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Join Ben for his conversation with legendary Kentucky trial lawyer, Peter Perlman. Peter talks about how his upbringing, as the son of a 5 and 10 cent store owner, shaped his values and taught him the importance of finding ways to help others.

Peter Perlman

During his long and successful career as a trial lawyer, Peter applied these lessons in cases that helped his individual clients and led to larger industry-wide changes that have helped countless others. These cases span a wide range of practice areas, from auto defect litigation, aviation, personal injury, and even a Title IX case brought to keep the door open for female college athletes. Through his own practice, and terms as President of AAJ and the Civil Justice Foundation, few trial lawyers have done more to promote and enhance the cause of individual victims and social justice than Peter Perlman.

Peter Perlman

Photo of Peter Perlman

During his career, Peter Perlman has worked toward making a safer society by challenging defective and dangerous products. His cases have received national exposure, and he has won more than 60 multimillion-dollar verdicts and settlements on behalf of his clients.

He has served as a former president of AAJ, Public Justice, and the Civil Justice Foundation.

Peter served as an adjunct professor at the U.K. College of Law for 25 years, and has been inducted into the Law School Hall of Fame. His endowment has provided scholarships for 35 students since 1999. He has also established memorial scholarship funds arising out of successful litigation, for the families of wrongful death victims.

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He has received the highest awards given by many national trial lawyer organizations including the AAJ “Leonard Ring Champion of Justice;” the Kentucky Justice Association Lifetime Achievement Award (the only person to be so honored); and the Fayette County Bar Association annual Henry T. Duncan Lifetime Achievement Award. He received the “Compassionate Gladiator Award” from the Florida Justice Association.

He has written many publications for trial lawyers, including the book Opening Statements Annotated.

In his community and state, Peter has been involved in numerous charitable activities. He chaired a fundraising effort to build a specialized playground for handicapped children at Cardinal Hill Children’s Hospital in Lexington. He was president of Junior Achievement, and has served on many civic boards.

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