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Mastering Cross Examination with Patricia Kuendig

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Nationally-recognized trial lawyer Patricia Kuendig joins us to describe the approach to cross examination she and her partner Roger Dodd teach to trial lawyers across the country. Patricia explains the three rules of successful cross examination. She illustrates how the rules work in practice. She discusses strategies for sequencing cross, recovering from problems, dealing with un-crossable witness and preparing you own witnesses for the other side's cross.

Patricia Kuendig

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Patricia Kuendig pursued law out of a desire to help people when they needed it most. For the first few years of her practice, Patricia worked on complex divorce and family law matters from her office in Miami, FL. She credits that experience with her comfort and confidence in the courtroom, as well as at the negotiating table.

Then, her mother passed away in a bus accident. Patricia filed the wrongful death lawsuit herself. She has been helping accident victims with their personal injury suits ever since.

Recognized Leader in Law
Through hard work and determination, Patricia has distinguished herself in the legal community. She is the youngest faculty member of the Houston Family Law Trial Institute. Along with several publications and awards to her name, she has given lectures on a variety of trial-related subjects for organizations such as the Utah Association for Criminal Defense Lawyers, The Georgia Bar, and the Oklahoma State Bar's Family Law Section.

In September 2014, Patricia was honored to present on “First Impressions and Voir Dire" for 360 Advocacy's program titled "Trial Skills from the Woman's Perspective" in New Orleans, LA.

Patricia earned a B.S. from New York University’s Stern School of Business and a J.D. from George Washington University.

While working on her J.D. at George Washington University, Patricia interned for a U.S. District Court Judge and the U.S. Department of Justice. Her time in school may be done, but as a lifelong learner, she is always looking for new ways to help her clients.

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