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Mastering the Art of Trial Presentation with Dan Ambrose

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Dan Ambrose started his career in Michigan as a criminal defense attorney. While trying over 150 jury trials, he became obsessed with learning the craft of effective trial advocacy in both the criminal and civil arena. He began meeting with lawyers and spending hundreds of hours learning about their methods and brainstorming the best systematic approach to trial. Through that painstaking effort, Dan developed the Trojan Horse Method and began to teach it to lawyers all over the country. When the pandemic froze the legal system, Dan then created Case Analysis tapped into the national group of renowned trial lawyers and started online educational experiences where he, and other top lawyers, would dissect and critique an entire trial.

What you will learn from this episode.

Learn about Dan's journey, his philosophy on effective advocacy and access his database of invaluable learning materials to bring out the best trial lawyer in you.

Dan Ambrose

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Daniel Ambrose started out in Detroit, Michigan as a criminal defense lawyer. Dan has attended programs such as the National Criminal Defense College, Western Trial Advocacy Institute and Gerry Spence’s Trial Lawyer’s College, tried over 150 jury trials, and has studied trial advocacy for 20 years. 

Dan is known for his exceptional skills advocating for his clients.  Through 20 years of practice, he has found a unique method to help trial lawyers efficiently master their skills. THE METHOD, was developed by meeting weekly with five trial lawyers over an eighteen month period. They presented, video recorded, and discussed their strengths and weaknesses. 

Dan currently lives in Los Angeles, California and now focuses on civil trial work, consulting, trial coaching and teaching.

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