Season 3 – Episode 10 ·

Selecting a Winning Jury with Harry Plotkin

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Ben and Rahul talk jury selection with Harry Plotkin, a nationally renowned expert on jury selection who has picked over a thousand juries in cases across the country. Harry has been involved in many high-profile cases and ground-breaking plaintiff’s verdicts. Harry shares his strategies for identifying favorable and unfavorable jurors and identifies areas where lawyer intuition leads to poor choices in jury selection. Harry explains how the involvement of a jury consultant can increase the chances of a good result at trial. If you are heading to trial and picking a jury, you don’t want to miss this episode!

Harry Plotkin

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Harry is a nationally-renowned jury consultant and leading voice in the field of jury decision-making, psychology, and persuasion. He has helped shape the outcome of over one thousand trials across the country in nearly every state.