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Join us for a discussion with folks from the Expert Institute as part of our special sponsorship bonus track. Learn about cutting edge services EI has developed to help trial lawyers track information about their own and opposing experts.

Data-driven expert insights that build stronger cases

At Expert Institute, we believe the strongest legal advocacy starts with access to superior expert insights. It's no secret that cases across practice areas are won or lost on an expert witness. Yet many firms still depend on unreliable methods to find and consult experts - namely, stagnant online databases, colleague referrals, or an overused stable of professionals - and as a result, they compromise on their most critical case resource.

We saw an opportunity to use data to connect attorneys with the industry professionals who are objectively the most qualified to opine on their cases. By aggregating information on experts across specialties, we are able to assess the qualifications and suitability of professionals on a global scale. This ensures that the industry leaders we refer truly are the best-equipped to help firms achieve successful outcomes, backed by data.

Neal Nemeroff

Photo of Neal Nemeroff

Neal is the Senior Vice President of Content & Data Strategy at Expert Institute. He joins the Research team remotely from Bethesda, Maryland. Neal brings over 25 years of experience in originating, building, launching, and managing B2B, content-centric, products, and businesses. He has a track record of success developing and executing product strategy, introducing and maintaining strategic partnerships, and monetizing content to meet the needs of the markets served.

Prior to Expert Institute, Neal previously worked for IHS Markit, where he was the Head of Content Strategy & Operations, and Ipreo, where he was the Managing Director of Product & Content for Global Research Sales & Trading. Neal’s experiences also include P&L responsibilities for Computershare Analytics and the Founder and CEO of Financial Data Concepts, an innovative business intelligence and analytics firm serving blue-chip investment banks.

John Demler

Photo of John Demler

John is the Senior Vice President and Head of Product & Technology at Expert Institute. He looks after the Expert iQ platform and related data and content initiatives. Prior to Expert Institute, John worked in financial technology at Ipreo, IHS Markit, and S&P Global. Throughout his career, John has focused on designing and building software systems that connect users around proprietary data and collaborative workflow.

Michael Morgenstern

Photo of Michael Morgenstern

Michael is Senior Vice President of Marketing at Expert Institute. Michael oversees every aspect of Expert Institute’s marketing strategy including search engine optimization, advertising, marketing automation, email marketing, content development, analytics, and branding. Michael has substantial experience in the digital marketing space, with previous work ranging from successful start-ups to established hedge funds throughout New York City. Michael founded a successful e-commerce site along with several other entrepreneurial ventures.