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Join us for a discussion with folks from Hype Legal as part of our special sponsorship bonus track.

Hype Legal helps connect law firms & quality clients

The legal industry is one of the most competitive markets for search, making exposure to target clients a daunting task. Achieving the desired placement for top keywords requires a dedicated strategy that understands the clients’ mindset and online habits.

Hype Legal provides a full range of marketing services to maximize online exposure and connect law firms with quality clients.

Strategists & problem solvers

With a combined twenty-seven years of experience in legal marketing, Hype Legal is a boutique agency dedicated to delivering best-in-class results.

Hype keeps it small, focusing on specialized marketing services for an exclusive client list. This approach allows their team to offer a highly individualized and personalized experience for their clients. Hype's team of designers, developers, and digital marketing specialists are passionate about design and developing a strategy to help your firm grow. Understanding that no two clients are the same, they provide tailored digital marketing services unique to each firm’s individual goals.

Micah Kohne

Photo of Micah Kohne

Micah has been working in the legal industry since 2003 as Chief Marketing Officer at High Impact® – one of the nation's leading providers of legal exhibits. He has worked as a Graphic Designer, Art Director, Developer, as well as Visual Consultant for law firms across the country.

Tyler Komarnycky

Photo of Tyler Komarnycky

Tyler has worked in the legal industry since 2010 and had a pivotal role in the establishment, identity, and growth at High Impact, the nation’s premier legal graphics and animation firm. With 27 years of combined experience in the legal market, Tyler and his former High Impact colleague, Micah, founded Hype Legal.