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The Road to a $100 Million Verdict with Andrew Garza

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Join Rahul and Ben for their discussion with Andrew Garza, founder of the Connecticut Trial Firm. Andrew talks about how he started his plaintiff’s practice while working as a bartender at night to make ends meet. He worked hard to become a better trial lawyer and to develop cutting-edge approaches to developing cases and preparing them for trial. Andrew describes how he applied these strategies recently to obtain a $100 million verdict in a negligence and product liability case tried in Connecticut State Court—the largest personal injury verdict in the State’s history.

Andrew Garza

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Personal injury clients face many challenges. After an injury, they may struggle to pay bills, find a replacement vehicle, or even obtain medical care. Time and again, insurance companies take advantage of the injured in order to increase their corporate profits. Andrew understands what it means to overcome adversity. He grew up in public housing in Groton and worked his way through college and law school by waiting tables and tending bar. He has devoted his practice to helping those who are most vulnerable to obtain justice. Andrew uses his skills to level the playing field for his clients. When he is not practicing law, Andrew is probably hosting a great party for his family and friends or building furniture in his workshop.