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Use Authenticity and Technology to Win at Trial with Lloyd Bell

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Lloyd Bell is a master at using his own authentic voice combined with a sophisticated approach to trial technology to communicate his complex medical malpractice cases to juries. Listen as we discuss how Lloyd's unique military background shaped his own approach to trying cases and his tips for improving your use of technology in the courtroom.

What you will learn from this episode.

We begin by discussing Lloyd's unique journey to become a trial lawyer, which was shaped by his military education at the Virginia Military Institute and years prosecuting and defending case in the Army JAG Corps.  Lloyd explains how he learned the importance of meeting your audience where they are while defending enlisted soldiers before juries of officers.  One of the most important lessons he learned was that officers wanted to carry out their "noblesse oblige" mission of showing generosity and nobility toward those they lead, and this key insight provided an opportunity to get his clients a second chance.  

Lloyd moves on discussing how he applied lessons learned in the JAG Corps to his plaintiff trial practice.  He began representing plaintiffs in personal injury cases, and over time developed a specialization in medical negligence.  Lloyd explains how he meets juries where they are in medical cases by developing his cases around accessible themes, like one of the Seven Deadly Sins, as opposed to focusing the case on the medicine. 

We then move on to discussing Lloyd approach to his opening statement and use of trial technology.  Lloyd explains how he models his openings on popular television shows, which always begin with a dramatic hook.  He then uses technology to show  the jury the key medical concepts before telling the story of his particular case.  Lloyd provides tips on what makes effective use of technology in the courtroom, such as limiting the number of words on a slide, careful choice of images, single-concept slides and a clean, appealing layout and color scheme.   Lloyd prefers a multi-media approach including blowups, models and other aids to involve the jury in the evidence to the maximum extent possible.

Lloyd Bell

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With more than 25 years of legal experience, Lloyd Bell has built a sterling courtroom record and recovered millions of dollars for medical malpractice victims. A veteran of the U.S. Army JAG Corps, Bell founded his own law firm in 1999 and is consistently recognized as one of the top attorneys in his field. In 2018, Bell Law Firm was recognized as Personal Injury Litigation Team of the Year by Daily Report, the leading source of legal news in Atlanta. 

Lloyd Bell has been included in Atlanta Magazine’s prestigious Super Lawyers list every year since 2005, and more recently the Super Lawyers “Top 100 Lawyers in Georgia” list in 2018. Bell has also been named as one of the few personal injury lawyers in Georgia on the prestigious list of “Legal Elite” by Georgia Trend Magazine, an honor he has received every year since 2015. In 2019 Bell was named as the second-ever Georgia attorney to join the Inner Circle of Advocates, an elite, invitation-only group of the nation’s top plaintiff lawyers. His firm differentiates itself with deep legal expertise, a mastery of technology in the courtroom, and compelling storytelling. Over the past five years, Bell won more seven- and eight-figure verdicts for his clients in medical malpractice cases than any other attorney in the state of Georgia, including a $15 million verdict against a large Atlanta hospital group in 2016 and a record-breaking $26 million verdict against a Columbus hospital in 2017. Bell is a member of the Melvin M. Belli Society, a group of distinguished trial lawyers dedicated to the principles of education. Bell is also board certified by the American Board of Professional Liability Attorneys in the field of medical malpractice.

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