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Winning Verdicts and Championing Causes with Brent Walker

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Join Ben and Rahul for their conversation with renowned Dallas, Texas trial lawyer, Brent Walker, one half of the firm Aldous & Walker. Brent talks about growing up with a trial lawyer mother and his journey to partner with legendary Texas trial lawyer Charla Aldous. Brent discusses how the two of them have built a firm focused on individual clients and taking on important causes, like Texas’ challenge to school mask mandates and sexual assault at a Jesuit school. Brent describes how he and Charla have teamed up at trial to achieve an incredible string of verdicts in a diverse set of cases. This is a great episode that you won’t want to miss.

Brent Walker

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Some attorneys focus on different areas of law, building a practice around specific kinds of cases and concentrating on them. But Brent Walker doesn’t work like that. Instead, he tries all kinds of cases. Brent's job as a Dallas trial attorney is to go into court and stand up for his clients, whether the client is a person with a personal injury case or a corporation locked in a legal battle with another business.

The experience of representing individuals and businesses as both plaintiffs and defendants gives Brent a unique perspective and helps him better serve clients of the firm. At the same time, his extensive appellate experience allows him to work on cases before and during trial with an eye toward possible issues in the event of an appeal.

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