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Continuous Practice and Improvement Yield Better Results with Monte Tynes

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Douglas “Monte” Tynes is a second-generation trial lawyer from Pascagoula, Mississippi. Monte, who serves as the co-chair of the damages section of the Edge Trial College, has an insatiable desire to continue learning and getting better at the craft of trying cases. In his career, Monte has tried numerous jury trials in civil rights, employment, personal injury, and medical malpractice cases. He tries cases in Mississippi, in some of the most conservative and difficult plaintiff’s venues in the Country. Monte shares his recent experience achieving a verdict of almost $ 1 million in a low speed, no damage, rear-end car accident trial in a conversative Mississippi venue.

What you will learn from this episode.

Monte talks about his “speed trial” technique and how he presented his difficult damages case. Monte talks about other lessons learned from this and several other recent trials, and what he is continuing to do each day to hone is skills at the craft of trying cases.

Douglas “Monte” Tynes

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Douglas L. Tynes, Jr., who prefers to go by the much more informal ‘Monte’ Tynes, is a second-generation attorney, who began practicing law with his father, Douglas L. Tynes, in 2006. After the latter’s retirement in May 2013, Mr Tynes continued practicing in the same historic building where his father had worked for more than 30 years. Mr Tynes is a devoted practitioner of the law. He goes the extra mile to become better acquainted with his client by making house calls, so he may know them in their surroundings. Mr. Tynes makes sure that his team at Tynes Law Firm share his work ethic and is equally understanding of the needs of his clients.