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Discovering the Trial Lawyer Within with Josh Koskoff

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Josh Koskoff describes how he battled struggles and early defeats to discover himself as a successful trial lawyer. Josh talks about how growing up in a family of prominent trial lawyers shaped his own journey and career. Josh discusses his high-profile case representing the victims of the Sandy Hook school shooting against the Remington firearms company.

What you will learn from this episode.

In this episode, Josh begins by discussing how his legacy growing up in a family of prominent trial lawyers shaped his outlook on the role of a lawyer and his own personal journey to becoming a successful trial lawyer. Josh discusses what he learned from his father and grandfather, and what he needed to unlearn to find his own unique style. Josh describes how he struggled early in his career to find his own clear voice in the courtroom, to the point where he came close to changing directions in his career. Josh tells us about the case that served as a turning point--a case in which he discovered his authentic self in the courtroom and achieved an incredible result for a client in what was considered to be an unwinnable case.

Josh talks about how we as lawyers sometimes fail to predict how a case will play out in a courtroom, because a trial is a human drama "not played on paper." As a result, a case does not look good on paper can sometimes be very powerful in a courtroom, as Josh proved in this "turning point" case.

Josh then goes on to discuss the status of a high-profile case, in which he represents the victims of the shooting at the Sandy Hook School in Newtown, Connecticut against the Remington firearms company, manufacturer of the AR-15 weapon used by the shooter. Josh explains how he was able to avoid Federal immunity for firearms manufacturers by pleading the case under a Connecticut statute proscribing false and misleading advertising. Josh talks about the legal challenges he has been able to overcome in the lawsuit and the current status of this important, landmark, case.

Josh Koskoff

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Josh represents the third generation of Koskoffs at Koskoff Koskoff & Bieder. Known for his dedication, compassion, and creativity, Josh brings a fresh and unique perspective to all his cases. Like his father and grandfather, Josh believes strongly in the role of the lawyer as a fighter whose sole purpose is to improve his clients’ lives through the legal system. He views the law as working only when it works for the people and not just the powerful. His personal concern for the welfare of each of his clients has won their trust and devotion.

Josh has won substantial, record-setting medical malpractice verdicts throughout Connecticut, and has taken on powerful interests in cases with national implications. He currently represents 10 families of victims of the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in a landmark case against the Remington Arms Company – the manufacturer of the assault rifle used to carry out the attack. He also represents Sandy Hook families in a suit against the controversial “conspiracy theorist” Alex Jones for his false claims that the Sandy Hook shooting was a “hoax” and that it was staged by actors. Recently Josh filed suit against eight manufacturers of assault weapons on behalf of the family of a victim of the Las Vegas shooting – the deadliest mass shooting in American history.

In March, 2019, Josh filed another groundbreaking lawsuit against a powerful defendant – Harvard University -- on behalf of the Connecticut descendant of an enslaved man named Renty and his enslaved daughter named Delhia.

Regardless of the nature of the case, Josh feels most rewarded fighting for his clients, and knowing he has helped his clients to have better and more satisfying lives.

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