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Finding Your Authentic Voice with Christian Morris

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Join Ben and Rahul for their conversation with Nevada trial lawyer Christian Morris.


What you will learn from this episode

Attorney Morris describes her journey, from going up on a farm in Maine with no electricity or running water to being named 2019 Trial Lawyer of the Year in Nevada after obtaining a $31 million verdict on behalf of a young California woman who suffered anaphylactic shock while attending a convention in Las Vegas. Along the way, Attorney Morris describes how she found her own authentic approach, style, and voice as a lawyer that has enabled her to connect with jurors and to build a successful practice and career that she loves.

Christian Morris

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Christian Morris, Esq., is a personal injury trial attorney. Christian focuses exclusively on personal injury cases and making sure her clients obtain a just verdict or settlement.

She recently received a $31 million dollar verdict for a woman who was severely brain damaged due to the negligence of Medic West, an ambulance company that chose to eliminate a lifesaving medication from their medic’s jump bags to save $2.42 per bag.

She is licensed to practice law in Nevada in both state and federal courts. Christian also holds bar licenses in California and New Jersey. In February, 2012, Christian successfully passed the New York State Bar. In 2013, Christian was accepted to the Gerry Spence Trial Lawyer’s College, and she continues her work with the Gerry Spence Method on the Ranch in Wyoming. Christian was voted Nevada’s Trial Lawyer of the Year by the Nevada Justice Association for 2019. She is the second woman in twenty-two years to receive the honor. Christian also serves on the Board of Governors for the American Association of Justice.

Christian is well respected in the legal community for her candor, hard work and commitment to the civil justice system. Her verdicts have changed the law in Nevada for both premises liability cases and how Plaintiffs’ counsel can be compensated for their fees. She has conducted both jury trials and bench trials and has published decisions by the Nevada Supreme Court. Christian is the proud mother of Jackman Reese Burnette (age 5) and Winter Ryan Burnette (age 3).

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