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Justice for Victims of Havana Syndrome with Paul Miller

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Join Rahul and Ben for their conversation with Canadian trial lawyer, Paul Miller, who shares the fascinating account of his effort to find justice for Canadian diplomats impacted by Havana Syndrome.

Paul Miller

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Paul explains the mounting evidence showing that Canadian and American diplomats posted in Cuba, England, Russia, Vietnam, and China have been targeted by weapons that use microwave or similar technology that is invisible but can cause brain damage, leading to a variety of life-long injuries and symptoms. The story is somewhere between science fiction and spy novel, but much more troubling because the human victims are real people, including diplomats and their families.

Paul Miller

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A dedicated advocate for people who have suffered personal injuries, Paul has 20 years of experience involving cases of defective products and medical devices and fighting for those denied justice.

Paul has proven experience with high-profile cases including serving as co-counsel for Canadian Diplomats in Cuba affected by Havana Syndrome, co-counsel representing Canadian Veterans affected by Mefloquine, co-counsel representing B.C. in its class action law suit against opioid drug companies, co-lead counsel for the victims of the 2005 Air France crash at Toronto’s Pearson airport, and as representative for 23 Canadians involved in litigation surrounding the events of September 11, 2001.

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