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Join us for a discussion with folks from SmartAdvocate® as part of our special sponsorship bonus track. SmartAdvocate has evolved with dozens of major software updates and thousands of new features and enhancements released annually. Serving law firms in all practice areas worldwide, SmartAdvocate has remained dedicated to using client feedback, reviews, and requests as their main guide in software developments. Among SmartAdvocate’s proudest achievements is their 135+ integration partners that include services like eSignature, accounting software, texting, medical records retrieval, and much more.

Award-Winning Legal Case Management Software

SmartAdvocate is an all-in-one system is loaded with features, capabilities, and reporting that other case management software systems don’t have. Join some of the top Law Firms using SmartAdvocate to make their firms more efficient and more profitable. From implementation to support, nothing at SmartAdvocate is outsourced. Every person you work with is a trained expert who is knowledgeable about all of your firm’s needs.

Claude Simpson

Photo of Claude Simpson

Claude has been with SmartAdvocate since 2013 and is currently the Head of Training. Prior to joining the team, Claude worked for the New York court system and practiced law for over 20 years.