Season 2 – Episode 15 ·

The Art and Science of Persuasion with Justin Kahn

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Charleston, South Carolina attorney, Justin Kahn, is not only a successful trial lawyer and professor of trial practice, but also an accomplished magician and student of the neuro and cognitive science of jury persuasion.

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Ben and Rahul interview Justin live at the PSBR Trial College, where Justin taught a breakout group on trial presentation skills. Enjoy the Bob Marley music in the background as Justin discusses strategies to improve your ability to communicate and persuade.

Justin Kahn

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Justin S. Kahn is a civil litigator. His practice focuses on catastrophic personal injury matters and various kinds of complex litigation. Since 1992, Justin has worked hard fighting for those who cannot help themselves. He has successfully resolved cases and claims for several million dollars as well as represented people in small claims court matters. He is an advocate for those who cannot help themselves. He gives personal attention to every client. He gets to know the client to better understand the impact of the negligence on their life. Communication is key to effective representation. Mr. Kahn will keep you up to date and provide answers to the questions you have.