Season 4 – Episode 2 ·

Trial Lawyers to the Stars with Neville Johnson and Douglas Johnson

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From representing Yoko Ono to winning class action lawsuits on behalf of actors and musicians, Neville Johnson and his partner Douglas Johnson (no relationship) have built one of the most interesting and successful entertainment law practices in the nation, specializing in representing “talent” as opposed to the business side of the industry.


What you will learn from this episode

Join Rahul and Ben for a fascinating discussion with Neville and Doug, as they describe how they got their start in this practice, recount some of their most interesting cases, and talk about trends in entertainment law resulting from new technologies.

Neville Johnson

Photo of Neville Johnson

Neville L. Johnson is the Senior Partner and co-founder of Johnson & Johnson LLP. He has spent nearly 50 years as a talent-side litigator in the entertainment industry, recovering hundreds of millions of dollars for artists and strengthening privacy law for all Californians.

Douglas Johnson

Photo of Douglas Johnson

Douglas L. Johnson is the Managing Partner and co-founder of Johnson & Johnson LLP. He specializes in entertainment litigation matters concerning profit participation, royalty audits, studio and label class actions, right of publicity violations, defamation, invasions of privacy, sexual harassment, and general business disputes.